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Bird Study concentrates on research concerning bird species that occur in the Western Palearctic. This includes research on their biology outside of the Western Palearctic, for example on wintering grounds in Africa. Bird Study also welcomes papers from any part of the world if they are of general interest to the broad areas of investigation outlined above.

The following types of articles are published: Original research papers any length , Short original research papers less than words , Scientific reviews, Forum articles covering general ornithological issues, including non-scientific ones, short feedback articles that make scientific criticisms of papers published recently in the Journal. Submit a manuscript Free current issue abstracts Free full content of archived issues Set up an email alert for new articles.

A volume on the birds of the Eastern Andes was planned, but on Christmas Eve Koepcke was killed when the plane she was flying in was struck by lightning and crashed in the Amazon rainforest. She played a leading role in the Royal Australian Ornithologists Union, one that included being its president from to , and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in She also instigated and led the project that eventually resulted in the first Atlas of Australian Birds.

Published in , the Atlas has since become an invaluable resource for the assessment of long-term changes to the habitats, species distribution and abundance of birds in Australia. They studied migratory birds on the Isle of May from to and their study of wind drift was a landmark in developing migration theory.

Florence Merriam Bailey skilfully combined her love of ornithology with a talent for writing. She authored over articles and 10 books, including some of the earliest field guides that allowed birds to be identified without being shot. Also an ardent conservationist, Bailey played an important role in the US Congress passing the Lacey Act, which banned wildlife trafficking in Major contributions include saving the prairie chicken from extinction in Wisconsin, long-term raptor population studies and the development of pioneering golden eagle captive-breeding techniques.

A Boston society girl, she trained her first raptor aged 12, and in her teens combined her passion for hunting with a successful modelling career. Husband and kindred spirit Frederick was also her lifelong research collaborator, and both studied under famed conservationist, Aldo Leopold. They received numerous joint awards over their careers; however, with few professional opportunities, Frances followed Frederick in his career moves, meaning that most institutions got two experts for the price of one.

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Janet Kear was a skilled scientist and fantastic communicator. She also published 90 research papers, authored five books and co-authored two. Phyllis Barclay-Smith was a towering figure in bird conservation for more than 50 years, and in was the first woman to be awarded an MBE for work in conservation; this was upgraded to a CBE in Her industry and enthusiasm persuaded Jim Callaghan, before he was Prime Minister, to act as chairman on the Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea, which had a key role in pushing for regulation. A bird enthusiast to the core, she chose a pair of binoculars as her luxury item when she appeared on Desert Island Discs.

Rosalie Edge was a socialite, suffragist and environmentalist who was at the forefront of bird conservation in s America. In she founded the Emergency Conservation Committee to campaign against the bird shooting permitted on some Audubon Society reserves. These two great societies on opposite sides of the Atlantic both began in the late 19th century and, in both cases, women were at the helm. Resoundingly successful, the RSPB and Audubon both widened their scope to address all aspects of bird conservation.

Jo Wimpenny writes about birds, behaviour and science history. The wonder women of ornithology All too often the world of birds is associated mainly with men. Annie Meinertzhagen riding a yak. Contributions to Zoology. Separate online index HERE. Dutch Birding.

Ecology and Society. Emu - Austral Ornithology. Endangered Species Bulletin. Evolutionary Applications.


Advances in genetic studies of birds are changing ornithology research

Field Studies. Folia Zoologica. Frontiers in Zoology. Functional Ecology. Goose Bulletin. Hornero, El : Revista de Ornitologia Neotropical. Huitzil : Journal of Mexican Ornithology. ICF Bugle. Online only from vol. International Journal of Ecology. International Journal of Forestry Research. International Journal of Galliformes Conservation. International Wader Studies. Free full text : , no. Japanese Journal of Ornithology. Japanese with English summaries. Journal of Animal Ecology.

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Journal of Applied Ecology. Journal of Biosciences. Journal of Ecology. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Journal of Field Ornithology. Journal of Raptor Research. Journal of Threatened Taxa. Journal of Wetlands Ecology. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. Living Bird. Marine Ornithology. Mediterranea - Serie de Estudios Biologicos. Network Biology. An open access, peer-reviewed online journal that considers scientific articles in all different areas of network biology.

North American Bird Bander. North American Birds. Novitates Zoologicae. Open Biology. The Open Ecology Journal. The Open Ornithology Journal.

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Ornis Fennica. Ornis Svecica. Ornithological Monographs archive. Ornithological Science. Ornitologia Colombiana Revista. Pacific Coast Avifauna. Pacific Seabirds. Passenger Pigeon. PLoS Biology. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. Ptaki Pomorza.

The wonder women of ornithology - Discover Wildlife

Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia. Free full text of most articles : , vol.

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Revista Catalana d'Ornitologia. Catalan Journal of Ornithology. Ring, The. Ringing and Migration. Royal Society …see 'Philosophical Trans….. Sanctuary : Ministry of Defence Conservation magazine. Slovak Raptor Journal. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. Free full text : , no 1 to current. Reports on the scientific, technical, and historical research conducted by Smithsonian staff and their professional colleagues. State of the Nation's Birds Chris Mead. Studies in Avian Biology.


Tattler AWSG newsletter. Urban Habitats. Wader Study Group Bulletin - 1. Wader Study Group Bulletin - 2. Web Ecology. The Whistler. Wildlife Biology in Practice. Wilson Journal of Ornithology formerly Wilson Bulletin.

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Zoological Bibliography Opera Zoologica. An occasional publication reporting on investigations into the bibliography of zoology chiefly relating to the dating of publications and to authorship. Share this page. Blog Unlocking the science to reveal the state of nature David Noble takes a sober look at the latest State of Nature Report. Blog What effect might annual releases of non-native gamebirds be having on native biodiversity?

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Henrietta Pringle reveals the work behind a recent paper on gamebirds and predation. The difference we make How you can help Our science Understanding birds Develop your skills. Access to Research. An extensive database information system about all bird s of the world. Search across 20, journals for free from this site.