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For subscribers review: Spanish possessive adjectives in course lesson 5 Spanish indirect object pronouns in course lesson 16 How to write an email in Spanish in course lesson Only use these terms when talking to someone you know very well, as in significant others and close friends.

Beginner Spanish Phrases Every Traveler Needs to Know ✈️

Starting an letter or email in Spanish means you need a greeting. Note the greetings below, designated by whether they are used in more formal or informal situations.

Useful Oral linking phrases

These are pretty standard greetings. As a general reference, use dias until around 2pm, then tardes from about p. Buenas seems to have been shortened from the slightly more formal buenas tardes. You can use this when you want to compliment or flirt with someone, but you can also use it as a term of endearment between friends and loved ones.

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Some are used only to significant others, so be sure to take note. This is a standard way to end a letter or email. This one is very common and useful. Very commonly used in both letters and speaking.

This is another one with a very simple meaning but an awkward literal translation. Here we are using it to indicate something that is going to happen soon.

Useful Phrases for Spanish Essays

This is a very common mistake made by English speakers. But they definitely use it in their sign-offs. This you can use with people you are close with.

Email Greetings in Spanish

And if you need something else, ask us in the comments! There are a few options. Cargar in Spanish means to load or carry, and estar a cargar is to be in charge. So we use this verb when we speak of taking care of or being in charge of something. Here again we use agradezco with the direct object le.

Spend some time with the example emails in Spanish below — one formal, one informal. Ask us in the comments! Not so easy! Speaking of bodies, people-watching is an activity I think most of us end up doing every now and again. You probably now the words for the most common household items in Spanish. But what about the things you only use now and again? Even though you probably know a few good phrases from your Beginner or Intermediate Spanish lessons una cerveza , anyone?

One surefire way to up your Spanish level to Advanced is to brush up your idiomatic language. Idioms are chunks of language which are used all the time by native speakers and if you learn to use them correctly, they can go a long way towards making you sound more fluent and natural in Spanish. Here are some common Spanish idioms to drop into conversation when you want to sound more fluent.


So, there you have it — 89 new words and phrases that you can start using to expand your Spanish vocabulary. Many of these words are not used frequently, so it can be difficult to remember them or find the opportunity to practice them in conversation. What you need at the advanced level is lots and lots of exposure to the language to help you achieve fluency. Click here to get your hands on some free samples of the material included in the Academy.

How many of these words and phrases did you know already? Which new phrases or words do you think will be most useful for you in your conversations? Let me know in the comments below.

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